Slow Cooker Teriyaki Pork Sandwiches

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slow cooker teriyaki pork sandwiches
  1. Place sliced onion in the bottom of slow cooker.
  2. Place pork chunks in single layer in slow cooker.
  3. Pour teriyaki sauce over pork chunks.
  4. Pour pineapple juice from the can into slow cooker,reserving pineapple slices.
  5. Add grated ginger.
  6. Cover slow cooker and cook on low-heat setting for 8 hours.
  7. Remove cooked pork chunks from slow cooker and shred meat,using a fork.
  8. In a mixing bowl,combine all-purpose flour and 1/2 cup water.
  9. Stir well and whisk into the juices left in the slow cooker.
  10. Cover slow cooker and cook on high-heat setting for 30 minutes,stirring once.
  11. Return the shredded meat to slow cooker and stir into teriyaki gravy.
  12. Serve 1 cup of shredded pork and gravy over half of toasted bun.
  13. Top with reserved pineapple slice and enjoy!
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