Baked Orange Cheesecake with Roasted Rhubarb

  • Yield : 6-8 slices
  • Servings : 6
  • Prep Time : 10m
  • Cook Time : 20m
  • Ready In : 30m

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Baked orange cheesecake with roasted rhubarb. Very delicious dessert baked in oven.


  • 1 pound (480 g) full fat cream cheese
  • freshly squeezed orange juice(of 4 oranges)
  • zest of 4 oranges(separated)
  • 9 oz (270 g) caster sugar
  • 14 oz (420 ml) double cream
  • 9 oz (270 ml) creme fraiche
  • 7 oz (210 g) forced rhubarb,cut into 2-inches(5 cm)
  • 2 oz (60 g) butter,cubed


Step 1

To make the cheesecake filling:In a mixing bowl,combine cream cheese,orange zest and 7 oz(210 g) of caster sugar. Mix well and set aside.

Step 2

Using another mixing bowl,whip up the double cream until it forms soft peaks. Gently fold together whipped cream,cream cheese mixture and creme fraîche(don't over-mix or the mixture will split). Spoon mixture into 2½-inches(6 cm) rings and place on a baking sheet in the bridge for 2 hours to firm up.

Step 3

Preheat the oven to 475ºF(240°C).

Step 4

Put the rhubarb in an ovenproof dish and cover with remaining sugar,cubed butter and orange juice. Cook in preheated oven for 10 minutes(don't overcook as rhubarb turns to much very quickly).

Step 5

Serve baked orange cheesecake with roasted rhubarb and raspberry sorbet. Drizzle cake with some of the juices from the dish.

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