Oven Baked Fruit Scones

  • Servings : 8
  • Prep Time : 10m
  • Cook Time : 15m
  • Ready In : 25m

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Oven baked fruit scones. Delicious dessert baked in halogen (turbo) oven.


  • 6²⁄³ oz (200g) self-raising flour
  • 1 oz (30 g) butter
  • 1 oz (30 g) sugar
  • 1/2 cup (125 ml) milk
  • 1²⁄³ oz (50 g) mixed dried fruits


Step 1

Set turbo oven temperature to 410°F (210°C).

Step 2

In a mixing bowl,combine flour and butter and rub to form breadcrumbs. Add the sugar and dried fruit and mix well. Gently add the milk to form a firm but not wet dough.

Step 3

Place dough on a floured surface,and press out until 1½-1¾-inch (3-4 cm) thick. Cut dough with a pastry cutter and place on a greased baking dish. Lightly brush with milk.

Step 4

Place baking dish in halogen oven and bake for 10 minutes then place on a cooling rack. Serve oven baked fruit scones with cream and jam.

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